Head Chair: Radhika Iyerpoliwho005

Topic Guide: World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization was formed to combat global health issues, encourage research in new fields of healthcare, and provide medical aid to all citizens as an organization of the United Nations. In 1980, the WHO successfully eradicated smallpox, a disease that had taken several hundred of millions of lives. Yet today, we struggle with eliminating polio, a disease that has much higher chances of eradication. What is stopping us from getting rid of polio globally?

Every thirty seconds, a child dies from malaria. Currently, one of the biggest threats to global healthcare is antibiotic resistance to malarial drugs. Now it’s a race against controlling and combatting this resistant strain of malaria. How can we win?

Both these issues have common themes that the WHO is often confronted with. Poor access to people in remote areas, convincing people that antibiotic resistance is a real threat, and implementing health programs are some examples of the challenges that the World Health Organization will have to overcome in order to improve global health.


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