Head Chair: Oriel Gomezvietnam-war-south-vietnamese-troops-everett

Topic Guide: Vietnam War – South

The Vietnam War is without a doubt one of the most contradictory time period in the modern world. It is a history steeped in the blood of men who gave their lives hoping for a better tomorrow. But what if it was different; what if you could re-write history and maybe change the entire direction of the modern world? What if you could create a better tomorrow? Welcome to DMUNC 2016’s Vietnam War Joint Crisis Committee:

The committee starts immediately after the critical month of October 1954. The country has already been divided along the 17° North Latitude in accordance with the Geneva Accords, the French have moved out of Hanoi leaving Vietnam, and with upcoming elections in hope of unifying the country, much is at stake. With the American-backed South and the Communist-backed North, the sides have been set in Vietnam, and you shall soon cast the dice of fate…Good luck to you all.

The Democratic South Vietnam: “We will defeat this communist disease that plagues the country, along with help from the United States military. Our victory is near and has been sealed. The people of Vietnam will be united, and I, the head chair Ngo Dinh Diem, shall lead our country unto glorious battle, and we shall strike down the foolish North with great vengeance and furious anger. They shall know that we are the lord as we unite this country upon their ashes.”

So, once again Delegates, make your choice, for one way or another a future shall be designed, and in the call of time’s high tide, history shall be written.

For questions or concerns regarding the committee, topic, or position paper, please contact Gautham at dmunc.southvietnam@davismun.org.