Head Chair: Basanti Mardemootoo

Topic Guide: Legal – 6th Committee


Earl Warren once said, “It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive”…With this, we would like to not only welcome you but also hint to what the Legal Committee (6th Committee of the General Assembly) is all about. The main purpose of this particular branch of the General Assembly is to consider any legal questions or issues that govern our modern day wLegal committeeorld. Its task is to come up with solutions on how to deal with issues that go far beyond affecting anything within state boundaries. In the past, this committee has been known to tackle a variety of legal issues ranging from the question of what International Law should consist of, to discussing, at various stages, the continuation of the death penalty.


With that said, two specific topics have been chosen for this conference:

1) The criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on missions.

2) The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction.


Both these topics have been the sources of heated discussions and agreements (as well as disagreements) around the globe recently, therefore the importance of reaching a sound resolution on each cannot be stressed enough. What is the length to which officials and experts are to be given immunity? If a crime is to be committed, where should the individual(s) be tried? Should citizenship be a decisive factor in the legal process of an “international crime”? In this committee, delegates will be urged to put aside their nation’s self-interest in order to reach a lawfully, fair response, whether binding or not, to the issues presented.


For questions or concerns regarding the committee, topics, or position paper, Basanti can be contacted at dmunc.legal@davismun.org.