For those new to conferences and committee and those who simply need a refresher, this page will be your guide to success. Through the tools posted here, it is our hope you will be able to not only learn the basics through us at DavisMUN, but create your own success as well.  Our del prep team has worked hard over the summer to bring you the best in cutting edge resources.  All of our del prep team is very approachable and experienced so please do not hesitate to speak with them as well.  We all at Davis MUN wish you the best of luck in your journey to become a better delegate and winning that gavel.  Happy Hunting!



TrojanMUN is just around the corner!  If you are traveling with us this week be sure to stay after the general meeting for logistics.  If you are interested in traveling to Santa Barbara for our next conference, please be sure to sign up on the interest form and show up to training on Wednesday!  Be sure to check out the Davis Model United Nations Facebook Page  for updates.  Also, come to MUNdays every Monday afternoon for any MUN related questions or just to hang out and do homework among friends.  Be sure to come to training every Wednesday from 7:15-9:15pm in Olson Hall, Room 250.  Sessions are guaranteed to be both informational and a blast.  Remember, MUN is FUN!       


Delegate Training Videos


Forms and Worksheets

The forms and worksheets seen here detail committee essentials such as points and motions, what to do in committee, and much more.  Use these guides and resources to familiarize yourself with the basics and make jumping right into committee that much easier!  Feel free to visit these resources anytime and take them with you to conferences.  Strong preparation makes a strong delegate!  Access here.